Piper Tomahawk Parts Catalog PA-38-12 Part # 761-659


Piper Tomahawk
Piper Parts Catalog / Piper Parts Manual
Part Number 761-659 (ORG771121) dated 1977
Interim Revision: February 28, 2002
has 206 pages long.

The Piper Tomahawk, a solo-propelled, double-seated, lightweight aircraft that took flight from the Piper Aircraft production line between 1977 and 1982, was engineered with the purpose of being a budget-friendly, straightforward-to-operate training aircraft.  And it swiftly evolved into a favorite among flight schools and private pilots alike. However, maintaining these aerial machines in flightworthy conditions is crucial, and to that end. Having access to a comprehensive parts catalog of spare, such as the PA-38-12 Part # 761-659, is paramount.

Piper Tomahawk Parts Catalog PA-38-12 Part # 761-659

The Piper Tomahawk Parts Catalog PA-38-12 Part # 761-659 is an all-encompassing guidebook to all the elements that constitute this airborne vehicle. It entails highly detailed diagrams and explanations of every component, ranging from the powerplant and propeller to the landing gear and avionics. With this resource, pilots, and mechanics can easily pinpoint and determine the exact parts necessary to repair or maintain their Tomahawk.

One of the cardinal features of this extensive parts catalog is the exploded view diagrams that graphically illustrate how all of the pieces interlock and function together. These diagrams provide an immense amount of aid in comprehending the intricate systems that comprise the Tomahawk and can also be instrumental in the identification and remedy of potential malfunctions. The catalog also has comprehensive part numbers and descriptions, which streamline the process of ordering the appropriate spare parts from a vendor.

Aside from the primary parts catalog, there are numerous supplementary documents available for the Tomahawk, such as service bulletins, maintenance manuals, and overhaul manuals. These supplementary documents provide even more comprehensive data about specific components and systems, making it feasible to conduct more intricate repairs and alterations.

In conclusion, the Piper Tomahawk Parts Catalog PA-38-12 Part # 761-659 is an indispensable resource for anyone who owns or maintains a Tomahawk. With its comprehensive diagrams and extensive information, it facilitates the task of keeping these aircraft in optimal condition and safely airborne for countless years to come.


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